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Dec 07 ,2016 Writen By: Amazing Dealzs

Should You Buy Refurbished Electronic?

Consumption of electronics have become an integral part of daily life and revolution is the way we communicate, retrieve information, and think of ourselves. Between cell phones & computers, it is estimated that the average person in the India uses 24*7 electronic products. It is not possible for everyone to afford new gadgets.

What Does “REFURBISHED” Mean?

Refurbished mean “renew or just like new”. Refurbished products are return back from the customers due to various reasons likes change of mind, little fault etc. All products that return back unsealed are checked by its professionals. All products are fully tested, thoroughly cleaned and all data erase using market leading software. All refurb product receive a final quality control check before re-packed in a new form, its box include all the accessories to those supplied with original product...  

Purchasing a refurbished product is a best way to save money while you are shopping for an item. So, if you’re interested in saving, does it make sense to buy refurbished products?  What should you watch out for? And what happens if something goes wrong?

Amazingly, only 5 percent of returned electronics are defective, according to a survey by technology consulting firm Accenture. Some refurbished mobiles phones and other products haven’t even been touched by the person who purchased them -they've been returned because a delivery guys nicked the box during shipping or whatever reason. A refurbished product may or may not have been installed, very slightly used, or repaired for many reasons to manufacture. These items retested at factory to make sure that they are in perfect shape and well conditions. These products are then offered at a substantially price.

Tips for Buying Refurbished

Factory setting

The information stored in the product prior to your use. Be wary from any information that appears on your item is not mentioned in user manual or look unfamiliar etc.


Keep Eye on brands

Purchase always original products of any brands.  Many platforms provide duplicate/copy of the item that they show to their customer.



A refurb product less expensive than a new .If you get the same priced as a new of same model, you should reconsider your purchase.


Look for Warranty Period

Buying any item we should ensure about Warrantee Periods. Refurbished items just renews you can get long time Warrantee easily.


Online Payment Protection

Buyer should put step carefully in online payment method.


Observe the return Policy

Customer should observe the return days policy. They can be unsatisfied or can get undemanding item from dealer or delivery person. Many platform offer 10-20 days return policy with complete cash back.   
Accessories and Other Details: - We should check all the cables, chargers, cords and whatever else come with your item.


Model History

Some models of cell phones, Laptop, TVs etc may be known to have a specific issue that continues after refurb. That’s why research the model’s overall before your purchase.


Where to Shop?

Finding a best reputable dealer for refurbished items in India is primary consideration before making a purchase. Buy items from reputed dealer (e.g. Amazing dealzs, Amzon), that get the refurbish from manufacturer.
You are not limited with marketplaces, Amazing deals offers excellent refurbish options--certified refurbished, labeled as new (canceled orders).You can also get different-different warranty period depends on product online.



Refurbished mobiles phones, Desktop & Laptop are less expensive then the new. You will not have to pay retail price for refurbished products but you should all feature just like new product. Refurbished products come with warranty period and it should include the all the accessories like charger, battery, cables whatever else when purchasing refurbished item. It’s important that you’re buying from well reputed seller. In addition, make sure to choose a model has a well condition and the product that’s been professionally refurbished.
We should purchase refurbished product carefully after watch overall performance

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