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Jun 20 ,2017 Writen By: Amazing Dealzs

Consumer Trusting on refurbished product survey's proofs

In 2011 Accenture conducted one survey on refurbished product and result of that survey was 95% people who already using refurbished product are happy with their product and satisfied with the product.

Now a days industry's are trying to make consumers happy at any cost. It results into lots of discount on their product. But sometimes products are returned due to some other reason like unboxed or broken seal etc.


This returned product create a new type of consumer industry I.e. Refurbished products. This industry manages this defective or returned product as refurbished product. They also give heavy discount to the consumer on these product.


This whole industry will stand on that consumer who wants to use a standard product at minimum cost. Most of the product that comes in refurbished category due to minor reason that reason is broken seal during shipping or unboxed product returned to online companies. Sometimes a product has the genuine defect that was repairable.


In 2011 Accenture will conduct one survey on refurbished product and result of that survey was 95% people who already using refurbished product are happy with their product and are satisfied with the product. Whenever you selling such product customer support services will be high because the customer has lot's of query regarding refurbished products if this service will good then it gives back customer satisfaction and new consumers.


Overall the response was very positive and up to expectations.95% people said that they bought refurbished product in past 3 years, 84% said that these products have good market value, and 41% said that they find this product just because it looks like new and they find heavy discount on it which gives them saving on same product 


80% felt that price are an important factor when buying any product.66% said that products are working as a new product. 81% people recommend their family and friends to buy refurbished product.Shop clues surveys said that 70% demand of used and unboxed items comes from smaller cities like Hisar and Nashik.Companies are happy to see rising demand in the metro area also.Currently, many companies are in a race to sell refurbished product like SHOPCLUES, AMAZON, FLIPKART, EBAY, SNAPDEAL, QUIKR, and OLX.


There are some tips that you have to follow to find out good refurbished mobile and refurbished laptop like expect high-quality communication and transparency, examine shipping option that provided by a company, look for long warranty, read about return policies of that company.

This refurbished product industry will be focusing on middle and lower class customer who is always trying to get standard and best product in lower price.


There is some wrong perception regarding refurbished product like.

  • Refurbished product does not come with warranty
  • They are used for business purpose.
  • All product come under huge discount.
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